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In front of a 200 retailers audience, Altavia Italia’s innovation and experimentation department AltaviaLab unveiled the results of the Italian Edition of the Baromètre de la Valeur Shopper®. The study was submitted to more than 6000 clients of 160 stores from the food, high-tech, home, DIY, cosmetics, clothing and pet shops sectors and allowed for the first time to measure the quality of the link that bonds the retailers and their Italian customers on the basis of 11 fundamental expectations


14370122_292782654441270_5894489017229607898_nWhy eleven values while retailers mainly focus on three ?

Since time immemorial, retailers have been fighting on the three following fundamental values: buy at reasonable price, save time and find products easily.

By dint of “copying” from one another, these very retailers unsurprisingly now find themselves neck and neck on the aforementioned historical criteria.


However, “new retailers now distinguish themselves on other criteria, says ShopperMind Managing Director Jean-Marc Mégnin. For example, Naturasi stands out thanks to values like respect, protection and responsibility. Such values have enabled Naturasi to lead the food sector regardless of criteria.  What is also interesting is that a traditional retailer like Esselunga —which came second in the survey — is well ranked on modernity through perfectly mastering the latest CRM tools. Tradition and modernity are compatible!”


The Amazon revolution

In terms of affinity, Amazon is revealed to be the most appreciated retailer in Italy in both food and clothing sectors. “For the first time Amazon stores have been included in the measurement of their respective categories and the results are enlightening: amongst all sectors measured in Italy  —except for the High-tech category in which Apple leads— Amazon is the Italians’ favourite retailer. Pure plays such as Zalando or Yoox outperform historical retailers in these seven categories as well.”


To feel unique and protected

If not outperforming on basic services such as offering attractive prices, retailers like Chicco, Yves Rocher or L’Erlolario play their cards right against bigger retailers by setting themselves apart on other “more emotional” values —like respect, protection, or information — which customers are more and more attached to.

“Customers need to identify with the sustainable actions their shops carry out so as to become their best representatives, explains Altavia Italia Chairman Paolo Mamo. During this identification process empathy plays a key role in developing the strong relationships which will lead to customers’ satisfaction, even during their purchase experience.”


Technology is no longer an option

Another key result of the study is modernity, 11th expectation which has become essential with the increase of technologic proximity and accessibility —apps, web services, social media…— and tested for the first time in Italy, was ranked fourth most important expectation by customers, particularly in the clothing and home sectors. This shows the increasing importance granted by consumers to innovation and digital transformation-induced new services.


“To sum up, customers take it for granted to easily and quickly have access to a large range of products at the most competitive price”, concludes Head of AltaviaLab Anna Casani. “Only the boldest and more visionary retailers that dare to offer something different will stand out and avoid getting dragged down into the price war.”